Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a the results of a fix I installed for the rear brake wear problem that many of us have. The fix was described in Susuki RLC Club forum. Susuki (in their infinite wisdom) installed a insulator in the outer piston of the dual piston caliper. That's great for the outer piston but inner piston was assembled with direct piston to pad contact. This, in my case a least, allowed heat to build up in the piston so that it would expand and bind in the cylinder not fully realeasing pressure from the pad to the rotor. With the pad in constant contact the rotor gets hotter the longer I drove before allowing it cool off. Thus the reason that the inner pad wears down at 1200 miles while the outer pad had plenty left.
Anyway, I purchased a second insulator ($12.00) part #69126-10F00 from my dealer and installed it in the inner piston. The insulator is shaped so that the pad "floats" so the piston stays centered in the cylinder. I bled off some brake fluid (two pumps of the pedal) to compensate for the thickness of the insulator and presto! the rear brakes work absolutly perfect. My fuel milage went up too now that the pad is not dragging. Time? about 35 min.
Loosen main axle nut 1-2 turns, remove large bolt/nut at front of caliper bracket, swing up to gain access to two caliper mount screws on braket, remove two screws, remove caliper from rotor still attached to hose, remove pads, clean piston areas of dust, install second insulator, reasemble and bleed.

I hope this helps you guys as much as it did me.
Take it Easy!
Jim JC

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