For all Intruder models with disc brakes


For visual references, go to Dragon's Brake Pad replacement page:

The Suzuki Intruder has the easiest disc brakes in the industry to replace. Takes about five minutes!

1) Remove the black or chrome cover from the top of the caliper (Depending on your model, it may snap off, or be held on by two small phillips screws toward the back)

2) With needle nose pliers, pull off the two safety clips that are just inside the outer caliper housing. There will be one on each holding pin.

3) With the same pliers, grab one of the pins (the one to the rear is easiest) at it's center and slide it towards you just a little bit. (about 1/8 inch)

4) Now put your finger on the inner wire clip, (the one towards the tire) and grab the pin from the outside and pull the pin out enough to feel the wire clip release.

5) Slip the wire clip off and set it aside, then put your finger on the outer wire clip, and finish pulling the pin out.

6) Grab the other pin at it's center and slide it towards you, then grab it from the outside and pull it out.

7) IMPORTANT STEP! You can simply grab the pads by the top and pull them straight up, but BEFORE YOU DO - either with your fingers, or something else, spread the pads as far apart as you can get them (the inner one towards the tire, the outer one towards you). This will force the pistons back into their housing and allow clearance for the new (much thicker) pads to easily slide into place. If you can't get them to spread out, either open the master cylinder top, or open the brake bleeder screw to allow the pressure to bleed off.

When you install the new pads, put one pin (front one is easier) in completely, then slip both wire clips in place. Now, when you put the other pin in, you can push the loose end of the wire clip down with a screwdriver tip until the pin gets past it.

NOTE* when you slip the pins in, be sure that the safety clip hole in the pin is towards you, and is positioned up and down, so you can get the safety clips back in.

For LC owners:
If you want to make those front pads easier to get to (no screws), order Suzuki replacement part # 59151-24A00 it's a replacement snap on cover for the rear caliper on an LC1500, and fits perfectly on the front (black only). About $13.00.

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