DaCoyote's Fin Fillers

Hand Fabricated Fin Bridges for filling the upper two Pair Valve Cover Screw Holes

The fins are custom fitted items, no way to make a set and sell them to anybody.  Make them from 1/8" flat aluminum stock, grind it to the thickness of the fin, trim to be a press fit in the 6mm screw hole.  Trim and file to size and drive in with a hammer.  Be careful, don't break the stem off in the hole, it would be a major pain to remove.  File to match the contour of the fins.  Paint the area black, (Rustoleum black primer is a good match) and let it dry thoroughly.  Block sand the outer part of the fins.
Wanna see what they look like? Here's a pic.
Ride on, Da Coyote  AhWooooo