Making One Piece H-D Riser Caps Fit

If you are a fan of E-Bay or Swap Meets, you can usually find full riser sets available for less than $50 by people who have taken their OEM risers off for different ones, or have changed handlebars and no longer need their risers. Many Harley OEM risers come from the factory as polished aluminum, and therefore, will not bring a premium price on the used market, as most customizers prefer chrome. However, most metric bikes come from the factory with brushed or polished aluminum triple trees, so polished Aluminum risers work equally as well for those as chrome, and can be had for half the cost, or less.

All Harley risers (except Springer models) use 1/2 diameter 18 thread per inch through bolts for mounting to the tripletree, so you will have to determine if your tripletree will accept a bolt of 1/2" diameter. Harleys have a 3.5" bolt center measurement on their bikes, as opposed to almost a 3.75" center on Metrics, so if the risers you are spotting have a single piece cap, you will have to either cock the riser inward to fit, or split the cap in two pieces to allow it to spread to the necessary width. Splitting the caps allows for a better bite on the knurls of the bars, and therefore is the recommended method of attachment.

Splitting the caps is the easy part. Just hacksaw your way right through the middle. The fun part is figuring out what to do with the split afterwards.

My friend "DaCoyote" showed me a simple trick of wrapping a small piece of leather around the assembly after it is installed. Works well if you like the look. You could also attach studs to the leather or even a concho for effect. And if you're a timekeeper, you could even place one of those velcro sports watches around the assembly and cover the split and have a readily available clock to boot!

For the LC, you will need a pair of 1/2" x 2.75" bolts to mount to the tripletree. I think 2.5 bolts will work just as well if you can't find 2.75. (3" bolts may bottom out and require washers for spacing at the head.)

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